"Everyone here is absolutely wonderful and that is something I hear consistently throughout the community. It goes beyond their clinical competence, they are deeply committed to their mission to help people, to help children with disabilities and to help their families. It’s almost tangible. It’s something in the air here, everyone knows your name and everyone knows your child. You feel like you are coming home in a sense. It’s a tangible connection that they make and that is where their commitment to their services comes through. The clinical competence here is unmatched. Working in the field, I can say without a doubt that the staff here knows their stuff and they have a wonderful command of clinical approaches. The focus here is not just on the production of speech, but also on using their speech and language to connect with others. There is a huge emphasis at TDS in supporting social skills and helping children with social communication. Thanks to TDS, my daughter has become this little social person who is learning how to interact with the people in her world."

-Sarah, Sabrina’s Mother

"When Jack first started coming to TDS he was barely talking at all. He’s been coming here for about four years and now I can’t get him to stop talking! The staff at TDS are all such wonderful people; they are like family to us. We come here several times a week and it’s like a second home to us. They have embraced us and we trust them, any suggestions they make we do it. If they told us to jump off a bridge we’d do it. We are just so glad that we found them. I don’t think Jack realizes that it is work when he comes for speech therapy. He has such a good time, he never complains about coming here. He always works hard but doesn’t get that is what he is doing. I think he would say TDS is a great place to come and to hang out with his friends!"

-Shelly, Jack’s Mother


"Professionally, they are simply...the best. They never stop innovating to maximize learning and development in every session. Their commitment and creativity are truly amazing. TDS is so much more than a Speech Agency, they are a support group, an advocate, and a family. With TDS Speech, you’re not alone on your journey with your special needs child."

-Jenn, Ian’s Mom


"When I hear my daughter tell a story, explain her day, sing a song or even fluently express her anger tears come to my eyes.  Diagnosed with apraxia of speech at the age of two, she has fought hard to obtain these skills. As a parent I knew that her language was not on track, and her happy bright personality was beginning to suffer.  She was withdrawing from everybody. TDS and Ms. Jen changed my little girl’s life.  We met Ms. Jen and the connection was immediate.  In the waiting room after our meeting I asked her if she liked Ms. Jen “YUP!” I told her that she would have to work really hard,” YUP!” and the rest is history.  Her personality returned before we hit the elevator!  She at such a young age, 26 months, knew Ms. Jen would make her world perfect.  And she has. Jennifer has always listened to my concerns and tried new techniques.  She has reached out to the school SLP and helps me when it is time to sit down with the team at her school. Our daughter is almost 6 and I hate to say it, almost, but our time at TDS will be coming to an end at some point in the near future. TDS has been part of out family for four years and as we move on we will always consider them family."

-Elizabeth, Julia’s Mom


"Through Teri’s social skills consultation and direct work in our classroom, we have seen improvements in the children’s peer interactions, ability to control emotions, and in their ability to identify and support one another’s emotions. The children look forward to Teri’s visit and are very happy when she arrives in our doorway. She makes learning fun with games, music and acting!"

 -Liz Madden, Kindergarten Teacher