At TDS, we believe that innovation and progression do not come without taking risks. When Apple released the iPad, we jumped at the opportunity to revolutionize the way in which we approach therapy. We are proud to be the first in the Valley to successfully integrate this technology into professional, cutting-edge therapy. We believe that the growing interest and preoccupation of the younger generations with electronics makes the iPad a perfect complement to speech and language therapy. The iPad has become an object of fascination not only for our students but for our therapists as well! Utilizing the newest software updates on the iPad 2, we are able to illustrate and more deeply process social situations with children in our social groups. Instant feedback using the iPad has allowed us to support the students in understanding how THEY have socially participated in past situations, both in actual exchanges and in role-playing practice, involving such things as initiating conversation, physical proximity and compromising/negotiating. Self-observation has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for social correction and raising awareness of unexpected behavior. Using the iPad as an augmentative device has made supplementing speech much more affordable and accessible. The iPad has been invaluable as a therapeutic device, motivator and social organizer.


TDS is proud and happy to offer iPad consultations and conferences that are open to families, paraprofessionals, school system representatives and community groups. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about the different applications that can be used to support speech, academics and social skills. We are excited to share our knowledge and expertise. We are dedicated to streamlining and encouraging use of the iPad and are interested in hearing about applications that have worked for you, too! If you have any questions about how we integrate the iPad into your family's life or would like to schedule an iPad consultation or attend an iPad conference, just click the handy contact us button located in the box on each page.


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